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About us

Window Well Covers (.ca) was created to provide homeowners a durable and cost effective alternative to the thin plastic window well covers you find at your local hardware supplier. Our uniquely designed covers are made from solid sheet polycarbonate (lexan) to keep out unwanted rain, snow and debris; while allowing desirable elements such as natural ventilation and sunlight into your basement space.

From our Toronto facility, we design, manufacture and install our own cover designs as well as distribute and install covers made by Conquest Steel (conqueststeel.com)  to suit every need and budget. 
Our covers are easy to install and with a few simple measurements provided by the homeowner; we can ship to anywhere in Canada with Greyhound GCX or UPS.

We offer cost-effective solutions to your specific needs from waterproofing clogged or non-existent window well drains (without excavating), to critter-proofing for raccoons and skunks. 
Our covers are attractive, virtually indestructible and offer superior value. 

Currently serving the Toronto, GTA and Southern Ontario region.  

Call 416- 421-3891 for more information and a free estimate.